The ranch was founded by Alfred Giles. Giles was raised near Hillingdon, Middlesex, England. He moved to Texas in 1873 for the climate after a bout with rheumatic fever. In 1876, Giles established a thriving architectural firm in San Antonio. In 1885 he partnered with his brother-in-law and began buying land near Comfort. Soon, Hillingdon Ranch, named for Giles’ native homeland, consisted of more than 13,000 acres.

Alfred Giles 1890
Hillingdon Ranch 1890

Hillingdon Ranch remains a working ranch today.

It is operated by Robin Giles (grandson of Alfred Giles); his wife, Carol; their son, Grant; and Grant’s wife, Misty.

Robin & Carol Giles

Grant, Misty, Wade, & West Giles