Hillingdon Ranch...since 1887
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Located in the Texas Hill Country between Comfort and Fredericksburg, Hillingdon Ranch has been managed by the same family for more than 125 years.

Registered Angus cattle, Fine Wool sheep, Angora goats, and whitetail deer are tools of managing the native plants adapted to Hillingdon Ranch.

Breeding stock, wool and mohair fiber, beef, lamb, and goat are available each year for purchase.

We welcome you out to the ranch anytime. We are committed to our customers, our livestock, the agricultural industry, and our natural resources.

Krazy Goat Socks  

Krazy Goat Socks are made of naturally resilient Angora Goat kid hair and super fine wool. The wool used in the socks is produced at Hillingdon Ranch. The mohair and wool fibers have the natural qualities of being able to wick moisture away quickly which helps to insulate your feet from both heat and cold. Both have a high tensile strength and are therefore extremely durable. They are naturally elastic, being able to stretch and come back to their original shape. Combined with the moisture wicking properties of Hydrotec you can be assured to have dry feet. The added silver technology enhances the natural antibacterial properties of the wool ensuring that you won't suffer from any foot odor.

Slideshow photography: David K. Langford

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